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(Ep. 38) Women of the Junglepen

Welcome to the junglepen! Watch out for that tree! But don't worry, you have a strong (pen)pack of women to protect you. 🌿🦟🌿🦍🌿🦜🌿





(Ep. 37) Scary Pens to Tell in the Dark

Halloween has crept up once again! Time to turn off the lights, lean in, and turn up the sound.... Happy Hallowpens! 

(Ep. 36) The Pens of the West

Grab yer ponies and high tail it to the ole saloon. Time to kick up them boots, grab an Old Orchard and listen in to one of yer favorite shows. :Insert whiplash sound effect here: 

(Ep. 35) The Witch, The Healer and The Pen (Pt.2)

Our topic is relevant to the events happening now, and we are unhappy about that (and did not plan for it). Does she have autonomy? Is her right to exist and make her own choices reflected in law? Is she a witch? 


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(Ep. 34) The Witch, The Healer and The Pen (Pt.1)

The Feminist and Historian return! First, a dive into the altered Healer Archetype... referred now to as Witch. ☽🔮☾🌕✨🍃🍄🌙✩ 

(Ep. 33) The Marpen and the Novipen

Gothic romance, in France, between two women? Um, yes, please. Check out this little gem! 

Episode 32: The Oak and the Holly Kingpens

Happy holidays! It's time for our Christmas themed episode. This time we're going to visit with the ancient Celtics. Who's side will you take? The Oak King or the Holly King? (Can you guess which one we'll each choose?) 


Episode 31: Folk Ballpens

What are folk ballads? And are they the same thing as folk songs? Join us on our travels through old Germany to the American west!

Episode 30: Scooby Dooby Pens

It's Halloween once more, the best time of year! How's a little nostalgia for the 52 year span of the most well-known monster hunter show!



Episode 29: Dragons of Pen (Pt.3)

The dragon saga comes to a mighty end. 🔥🐉

Episode 28: Dragons of Pen (Pt. 2)

Special thanks to our special guest! Lora gives us the downlow on The Dragons of Pern. Giant dragons, sci-fi, genetics, evolution, aliens, and fire stones!

Episode 26: Mulan: the Pen Warrior (Pt. 4)

The final installment of our Mulan saga! Thanks for listening :) 

Episode 23: Mulan: the Pen Warrior (Pt. 1)

We're back. And we have quite the saga for you. Let's take a trip to ancient China and travel all the way back to the 21st century! 


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Episode 22: Call Me Pens

Char and Jen review and discuss the 2001 film, Call Me Claus, aka: the holiday movie you missed that's actually good. 


Happy holidays!

Episode 21: Goosepens and Penbumps

Char and Jen are talking about the the most popular children's horror series (not something we expected to discuss!). Bring your cup of apple cider, a blanket, and listen to this spooky episode...

Episode 20: Penkle in Time Pt.2

Char and Jen finish up their talk on Wrinkle in Time! 


And, happy October! Our Halloween episode is in the works. What's your favorite Goosebumps book? 


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Episode 19: Penkle in Time Pt. 1

Jen and the dubious Char are talking about Wrinkle in Time. Movies, book, controversy, religion... it's a fun one!

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